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5 Easy Upgrades To Make To Your Home

January 11th, 2021

Many of us have been spending more time at home recently. Whether you are working from home, taking care of a family, or returning after a long day, the home remains where we spend a huge proportion of our time.

That’s why it is important to make the space feel safe, secure, and inviting. Many people wish to make changes to their home or to refresh their space, but feel easily overwhelmed. That’s where our five easy upgrades come in!

These simple changes can be attempted on any budget and in any time frame. Whether you have the time to make an entire project of it, an afternoon, or even only a few hours or minutes, these are the tips to help.

Browse these five easy upgrades to your home, and choose how you will improve your space next!

Tip 1: Declutter

Decluttering your home can be one of the best and most effective ways to refresh the space. Many people observe that just removing old or unused items makes the home feel brand new. It can even have a positive mental impact as well as a physical one!

Decluttering can easily feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Simply start small. It can be helpful to identify problem areas in rooms of the house that you use the most frequently.

Perhaps the kitchen, living room, or home office easily become cluttered – or even just a drawer, or shelf. Adapt the decluttering process to the time or energy that you have available.

You could start by getting rid of (or recycling) items that you no longer use, and then tidying and correctly storing those that you do. Even changes as simple as adding a basket where clothing often accumulates, a hook to hang your keys, or a file to store accumulating papers, can make a huge difference.

Tip 2: Switch Products

For a budget-friendly change that can still refresh your home, why not change the products you use for cleaning, laundry, or scenting your rooms? This can improve the atmosphere of the home and can also suit your decor or personality if the items are on display.

You may consider switching to environmentally-friendly cleaning products if you want to help the environment around the house. You may also wish to pick a scent that suits the season, such as fresh and floral for Spring or cosy and spiced for Winter.

The appearance and scent of new products can be enough to make the home feel like a very different space – and you are more likely to feel inspired to keep it clean and tidy too!

Tip 3: Add Personality

A highly effective way to upgrade the home and increase how inviting it feels, is to reflect our personality throughout the living space. You can do this by choosing items and decor that you love, or that feel seasonal and attractive.

This could be photographs of family and friends, children’s drawing or art projects, items that reflect your hobbies, and more. You don’t even have to spend any extra money! Simply make more of a feature of what you already have – such as favourite books, a musical instrument, or more.

Touches of personality will make your home feel like it is a true reflection of your values and priorities, as well as be more enjoyable to spend time in!

Tip 4: Pick A Renovation Project

Renovation projects may sound grand or intimidating, but they don’t have to be. While more people than ever are choosing to build their own homes, you can start small by simply upgrading the organisation or storage of a particular room, for example.

You may wish to upgrade your kitchen pantry, for example, or add a cabinet to clear some clutter in the bathroom or bedroom. Alternatively, you may simply wish to tidy up your garden, or a particular room inside the house.

Renovations don’t have to be major. They can simply be a subtle improvement to an area that you spend a lot of time in. Pick a small project and enjoy the satisfaction of completing it!

Tip 5: Go Green!

You can upgrade the value, appearance, and environmental-friendliness of your home by going green! This means making decisions around the house that help the environment – such as turning off any energy sources that are not in use, recycling and composting, using up leftovers, ensuring that your cleaning products are environmentally-friendly, and more.